Meet The Author, M.A. Lorie

Hailing from the eclectic state of Pennsylvania, enjoy getting to know, M.A. Lorie:


Thank you for joining me today. Tell us in three words how you would best describe your writing.  

Original, gripping, and fresh.

Your book, Reawakening: The Blood Bound Series Book One, was released on March 31, 2017. Share a passage that you’d like for us to enjoy.

Stephen watched her walk away, the wall closest to her exploding, sending debris flying around her. He tugged at the handcuffs hoping to break the metal, or the pole, but it was no use, he was helpless to stop her. In a blast of smoke, bright purple light illuminated the area around her. The floor cracked, the ceiling crumbled, and debris fell around him as he shielded his face. The dust began to settle, and his gaze followed the path she was on, but Brooke was nowhere in sight. He went to call out for her, but couldn’t find his voice.

You’ve been presented with the opportunity to be a best-selling author, but can never write again, or write forever, but never have a bestseller. Which scenario sounds more tempting?   

I’d write forever, but never have a bestseller. For me it’s not about being a best-selling author, it’s about bringing my world and the people in it to life. Creating something from nothing is all I need.

If you could live on a college campus and never leave, or live in a small town but be able to travel, which one would you choose?   

I grew up in a small town and have also had the ability to travel whenever I could afford to, so the appeal of small towns is natural to me and I like having the ability to travel to bigger cities whenever I can without the commitment.

Okay, how about in an amusement park or in an airport?   

I think after a while both would become boring or monotonous. You can only do so much in both places before you’ve exhausted all your options. However, both seem to have their setbacks, crowded, loud, and expensive, but if I had to choose one, I’d probably choose an airport. The people watching alone would be great fodder for writing.

And how about Australia or Scotland?   

Australia. I’ve always wanted to go. Scotland has its appeal as well, so this was a really tough decision.

Who is your favorite 90’s band (I’m thinking Counting Crows, Blink 182, Hootie & the Blowfish)?  

In the 90’s I was only a little girl so I wasn’t listening to bands, mostly boy bands. My favorite of the time were BBMak and LFO.

Are there any good bands out there today that we’ll talk about in 50 years?   

I hope in 50 years they’re still talking about bands like Seether, Chevelle, Our Last Night, and Silverstein. Those are the bands I’m into right now. They’re underrated and deserve way more recognition than what they receive.

And what about your favorite comedy on TV (My favorite is still The Office)?   Unfortunately, I’m not a huge comedy watcher. I prefer to stay in the Sci/Fi, Fantasy, or Cartoon range when I watch television. It helps get the juices flowing for when I’m working on a story for my next book.

Is there anything you’re currently working on?   

I’m currently working on getting a short story edited for a contest and also my next book which I want to release early next year.

Who is your favorite author and if you could ask him/her one question, what would it be?   

I don’t have a favorite author but I’ve read a lot of Christopher Moore and Michael Crichton books. Both are brilliant authors, who write completely different things, which is why I love them. I guess what I would ask them both (if Michael Crichton were still alive) would be how do you handle it all? How do you come up with the motivation or the energy to sit and write consistently?

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Lightning round:

Ocean or mountains?  Mountains

Yogurt or ice cream?  Ice Cream

M&M’s or Skittles?  M&M’s

Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert? Jimmy Fallon

Happy or sad ending to a novel? Either

Beer or wine?  Wine

Flying or driving?  Driving

Hemingway or Twain?  Twain

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take two things with you, as well as two people. What and who are you bringing?   

Toilet paper and knitting supplies would be my two objects. Then I would take probably my sister and my best friend.

You’re able to sit down with any leader in world history. Who would you choose, what would you talk about, and would you rather have him/her over to your house or meet at their place of royalty?  

Cleopatra. We’d talk about what it’s like being a woman with power in her generation and how she handles the pressure of such royalty. Plus, I’d inquire about her fashion sense. We’d definitely meet at her place; mine would be so minuscule compared to hers.

You can wish for one thing and one thing only, not world peace and no more wishes. What’s it gonna be?

I’d wish to go back in time to my early teens with all the knowledge I have now, so I could live my life over again and make different decisions to see where I would end up. I’d have to be able to keep my ideas too, because I wouldn’t be able to part with my characters lol.


M.A. Lorie resides in a small town in Western Pennsylvania with her two cats Lenore and Tater. She enjoys watching the latest movies, Sci-Fi/Fantasy television, knitting in her free time, and reading. She attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Interior Design before leaving and focusing on her writing, spending most of her free time working on the next installment in her Blood Bound Series.

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