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Thank you for joining me today. Tell us in three words how you would best describe your writing.

Eclectic, imaginative, metaphorical

Share your favorite passage from your book in one paragraph or less.

I’ll share a passage from one that has been not been published yet. There are two published on Amazon and one that is with Lycaon Press, the Young Adult/New Adult Arm of Breathless Press Publishing that will be out before the end of the year. I am extremely excited to have been picked up by Lycaon Press!


“So basically, everything is FUBAR,” said Stu, using an old military term. “Only no one is really sure how FUBAR it all is…”

“Basically,” agreed Jonathan, plopping down on the couch, whose stuffing was showing.

“And young master Michael still hates my guts.”

“Basically,” agreed Jonathan.

“Yet you still want my help,” Stu stated more than asked.

“Basically,” answered Jonathan. He knew Stu would help. They were good friends now. No one knew that, for good reason, but they also didn’t know Stu had a decent heart inside all that bluster and arrogance.

“Well, since I’m the only one that really kept up study and work on the astral, with you somewhat too, it makes it pretty damn difficult.” Stu sat backwards on one of the ‘dining’ chairs.

“Yep,” agreed Jonathan. “I have an idea though.”

“Oh you do, do you.” Stu grinned. Jonathan knew that grin. Stu liked trouble.

They settled in and discussed the idea at length. They both agreed that, although troublesome, and likely to cause problems with the others, it probably was still the best idea to employ.

“But you know,” said Stu, “Michael will never forgive you if we do this behind his back.”

“Yes, he will,” said Jonathan, hesitating. “Or, he will if it works.”

Stu shrugged. “He’s your brother. I’ll need a couple hours to prepare.”

“What do you want me to do in the meantime?” asked Jonathan.

“Just go home. I’ll find you.” Stu had a wicked grin on his face.

“You know you have to be normal, right?” Jonathan looked worried.

“Don’t sweat it bro. I’ve got it covered,” said Stu.

Jonathan put his face in his hands but went ahead and left. The screen door screeched behind him.

Stu began to prepare. He had never done anything of this scope before but he felt ready. Yep. It promised to be a fun week.


You’ve been presented with the opportunity to be a best-selling author but can never write again or write forever but never have a bestseller. Which scenario sounds more tempting?

One thing you should know about me is that I am a quantum Idealist. I don’t believe in binary choices. Ha Ha. I will try to answer where I can, but you may find third options in here. In my world, Schrödingers cat is dead, alive, and is also living out multiple lives in different realities.

In the above question it would definitely be write forever but never have a bestseller. Writing is part of my DNA and I am more concerned that the few people who did read it got something out of it, or even better, what I was trying to get through the writing to them!

If you could live on a college campus and never leave or in a small town but be able to travel, which one would you choose?

I would live on a college campus forever if I could and go for degrees until they ran out. I’m getting older now though so it would have to be where all the Ph.D.s hang out and not near the keggers. LOL Of course this is a fairytale godmother pumpkin answer.

Okay, how about in an amusement park or an airport?

If I had to choose I could say amusement park and just park myself somewhere and people watch (they’d be happier people to watch than in an airport.)

And how about Australia or Scotland?

How about London?

Who is your favorite 90’s band (I’m thinking Counting Crows, Blink 182, Hootie & the Blowfish)?

I would have to say I still love some of the 90s bands who are still around, like U2 (ok they started before the 90s) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then there’s Radiohead, Janes Addiction, The Cure. Actually aren’t all these actually still around? Then there’s Matt Nathanson, who started in the 90s and is still going, though not technically a band, he puts out songs that kill my heart so I have to include him. Then there is Jeff Buckley. Oh there’s Indigo Girls too.  Hey why don’t you just list all the bands that exist. That would work. ; )

Is there any good band out there today that we’ll talk about in 50 years?

Man that’s hard. I think we’ll still be talking about Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley in 50 years. Bands. That’s hard. I love Cage the Elephant but I can’t say we’ll be talking about them in 50 years. Though they’re pretty young so maybe!

And what about your favorite comedy on TV (My favorite is The Office)?

The Daily Show and Doctor Who are pretty much the only shows I watch. When do I have time for TV?

Is there anything you’re currently working on?

Yeah, a seven book series.  Erasing: Shadows, which comes out this year, is the first book. Seven is daunting, I have to say. We plan to put out at least two books a year. And that doesn’t include my indie books which I will keep putting out. The next one is called I AM (Poetry in Motion). Poetry is the language of the Gods. It’s a shame more people don’t read it.

Who is your favorite author and if you could ask him/her one question, what would it be?

It’s a toss- up between Harlan Ellison and Philip K. Dick. I’d have to give the edge to Harlan because he involves my gut, whereas Phil is more cerebral. It’s that passion of Harlan’s that got me, even as a kid. Harlan can still make me cry.  I don’t have a question for him, just a command that he must live forever. And if he can’t live forever, then he has to find a replacement just like him before he goes.  It’s a requirement of some groups you know, that you can’t move up until you replace yourself. Yes, I’m serious.

Lightning round:

Ocean or mountains? Ocean

Yogurt or ice cream? Ice cream

M & M’s or Skittles? M&Ms (Chocolate must win the day)

The Daily Show or The Colbert Report? Daily Show though I love Stephen Colbert.  Funny Truth gets me more than satire. But have you ever seen Stephen Colbert have physicists on and give them a run for their money? Smart, funny men are super sexy.

Happy or sad ending to a novel? Happy. I’m not reading to be depressed. Life is hard enough! That’s novel’s though. You can have your way with me with poetry.

Beer or wine? I don’t drink either.  Once a year I’ll have one of those coffees with some Baileys in it. Does that count?

Flying or driving? Driving as long as there is light traffic. Because let me tell you, driving in real traffic isn’t driving, it’s parking.  Never flying, it’s gotten to where it really bites the big one. I want a tour bus. That’s what I want!

Hemingway or Twain? E. E. Cummings. (I warned you!)

I like him 🙂

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take two things with you as well as two people. What and who are you bringing?

Two things: music and something to play it on. (I know you thought I’d say books, but music inspires me *for* books)

Two people: Mother and Husband

You’re able to sit down with any leader in world history. Who would you choose, what would you talk about, and would you rather have him over to your house or meet at their place of royalty.

Oh good grief. Like I am the person to pick for that. I’d send a proxy with some actual skills and probably sit down with George Bush and Dick Cheney. That or send an assassin to Hitler or Genghis Khan. And no, I don’t want any of them over to my house.  Me- I’d only send me to Harlan Ellison. But that would be just to fan out.  LOL  If you wanted to get some serious work done, send me to Neil deGrasse Tyson.  (No, really, send me!)

You can wish for one thing and one thing only, not world peace and no more wishes. What’s it gonna be? 🙂

I’d wish to write the most important book in history.



K.D. Rose is an author and poet and currently has two books on Amazon: “Heavy Bags of Soul” and “Inside Sorrow”- A Silver Award winner for the 2013 International Readers Favorite Awards. See 2 pertinent reviews here: and

K.D.’s current book, Erasing: Shadows, the first in a series, has just been picked up by Lycaon Press, the Young Adult/New Adult Arm of Breathless Press Publishing. Look for Erasing: Shadows before the end of 2013!

K.D. has an eclectic mind and loves language, physics, philosophy, photography, design, art, writing, symbolism, semiotics, codes, spirituality, and Dr. Who.

KD Rose is an avid supporter of music, the arts, cutting edge science, technology, and creativity in all forms that encourage us to expand and explore past the artificial limits we often set for ourselves, and see the everyday connections that exist among all things.

K.D. Rose values the question more than the answer and loves creativity and innovation. K.D. is also a sucker for cutting edge thought and has been known to bring some into reality herself.

Check out her books. Writing like no other!

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