Meet The Author, Abu Bilaal Yakub

All the way from Ontario, Canada, enjoy getting to know, Abu Bilaal Yakub:


Thank you for joining me today. Tell us in three words how you would best describe your writing.

Appealing, Beguilling and Captivating.

Your book, Amulets of Sihr, is set to release in early 2018. Share a passage that you’d like for us to enjoy.

“Stare at the stars and allow your thoughts to disperse among them. Across any realm, beyond any horizon, in a complex paradox, limitless iterations of an infinite population strive to achieve the illusion that has been created for them and very few of them ever realize that they are nothing but pawns in a much larger game of chance.”

You’ve been presented with the opportunity to be a best-selling author, but can never write again, or write forever, but never have a bestseller. Which scenario sounds more tempting?

Write forever. I may not be a bestseller but that does not mean my writing can never be and that is something I will always strive to achieve.

If you could live on a college campus and never leave, or live in a small town but be able to travel, which one would you choose?

Small town. The world is bigger than a campus dorm. Everyone knows that!

Okay, how about in an amusement park or in an airport?

That’s a tough one because I hate them both!

And how about Australia or Scotland?

Australia. I don’t fancy running into the Loch Ness.

Who is your favorite 90’s band (I’m thinking Counting Crows, Blink 182, Hootie & the Blowfish)?

Linkin Park

Are there any good bands out there today that we’ll talk about in 50 years?

I doubt that. I doubt that very much.

And what about your favorite comedy on TV (My favorite is still The Office)?

Oooooo…. The Office! Michael Scott! Are you kidding me??

Is there anything you’re currently working on?

Amulets of Sihr is the first part of a series and I’m currently working on its sequel.

Who is your favorite author and if you could ask him/her one question, what would it be?

Dan Brown. How did he concieve the idea of Da Vinci’s Code, Angels and Demons and Inferno…. Just HOW?


Lightning round:

Ocean or mountains?  Ocean

Yogurt or ice cream?  Ice Cream

M&M’s or Skittles?  M&M’s

Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert? Jimmy Fallon

Happy or sad ending to a novel? Sad

Beer or wine?  Neither

Flying or driving?  Driving

Hemingway or Twain?  Twain

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take two things with you, as well as two people. What and who are you bringing?

Ah, great. This question! Okay. A knife, another knife, and my brothers. Together, we can survive anything.

You’re able to sit down with any leader in world history. Who would you choose, what would you talk about, and would you rather have him/her over to your house or meet at their place of royalty?

Donald Trump. I would ask him how it felt to be the devil’s advocate, whether he was paid by the hour and if he had health benefits because he certainly does not seem to be representing humanity. Then I’d invite him for dinner! I’m not kidding.

You can wish for one thing and one thing only, not world peace and no more wishes. What’s it gonna be?

Wish I had a magic lamp… that’d give me three wishes right?


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