My Sister’s Bones, by Nuala Ellwood

I enjoyed this book, but I felt like it came up short in a few areas. It seemed as if Ellwood tried to make it a psychological thriller as well as a novel on the effects of PTSD. I’m not saying that can’t be done, but I don’t think either were fully accomplished. The ending actually held a nice twist, so it wasn’t exactly expected. I gave it 3.5 stars and rounded up to 4.



Meet The Author, Jay Crowley

All the way from the silver state, please welcome, Jay Crowley.


Thank you for joining me today. Tell us in three words how you would best describe your writing. 

Crisp, interesting and suspenseful.

Your book, Opal,was released in December 2016. Share a passage that you’d like for us to enjoy.

“Hi, Whiskers. How you doing since I saw you last?” As Opal got out of the cab and reached into the truck bed for his supplies and a package of clean clothes. Pickles also jumped out and was at her side.

“Same, nothing changed, mine is still killing me,” he grumbled. Whiskers walked up to the dog and scratched his ears. “How you doing? Pickles.” as the dog wagged his tail and gave the man a lick.

“Brought you some grub, two five-gallon containers of gasoline, and clean overalls. You want it in the same place. Opal asked.

“Yep. Did you bring me a couple bottles of whiskey?” Inquired Whiskers.

“Sure did,” as she walked into the shack. The smelling of rotting garbage, sweat, and urine from Whiskers pee pot was overwhelming. Whiskers was a slob. She looked around the cabin and hollered out to him, “What the heck happened in here?” as she noticed quite a few holes in the cabin roof.

“Darn flies were driving me crazy, so I shot them with the shotgun.” Replied the old man. “Didn’t get them all, though,” he laughs.

You’ve been presented with the opportunity to be a best-selling author, but can never write again, or write forever, but never have a bestseller. Which scenario sounds more tempting?

Writing forever, don’t get me wrong I would love a best seller, but I enjoy writing.

If you could live on a college campus and never leave, or live in a small town but be able to travel, which one would you choose?

I live now in a small town.

Okay, how about in an amusement park or in an airport?

That is a hard one, I am a people watcher, I guess the amusement park to see the faces when they get off rides.

And how about Australia or Scotland? 

I have family in Australia.

Who is your favorite 90’s band (I’m thinking Counting Crows, Blink 182, Hootie & the Blowfish)?

Whitney Houston

Are there any good bands out there today that we’ll talk about in 50 years?


And what about your favorite comedy on TV (My favorite is still The Office)?

The Big Bang Theory

Is there anything you’re currently working on?

Two novels; one about Indian schools and the other is a murder in Elko.

Who is your favorite author and if you could ask him/her one question, what would it be?

Hemingway.  Please teach me.


Lightning round:

Ocean or mountains?  Mountains

Yogurt or ice cream?  Chocolate Ice Cream

M&M’s or Skittles?  Neither, but I guess M&M’s

Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert?  Neither

Happy or sad ending to a novel?  Depends on the story

Beer or wine?  Wine

Flying or driving?  Driving. I am a hot rodder.

Hemingway or Twain?  Hemingway

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take two things with you, as well as two people. What and who are you bringing?

Food and friends

You’re able to sit down with any leader in world history. Who would you choose, what would you talk about, and would you rather have him/her over to your house or meet at their place of royalty? 

My hero is Joh Wayne. I would have a beer with him at a bar.

You can wish for one thing and one thing only, not world peace, and no more wishes. What’s it gonna be? 

Cure for Cancer.

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Jay Crowley lives in Jacks Valley near the base of beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada. All of the stories originate in Nevada, which offers a interesting background, and provides lots of story opportunities. She has three dogs, three cats, and quite often uses a dog in her stories.