An American Family

An American Family is a contemporary fiction that is birthed out of a mystery. Book one is coming in October from Evolved Publishing and the sequel in November. 


Isaac Childs has the perfect life. He married his high school sweetheart, Ramie, they raised two children, Carter and Olivia, and he became a millionaire before age twenty-five. That life comes to a sudden and unexpected halt when Ramie never returns from a nightly run.

After a frantic search for Ramie, the FBI arrives the next day, as this case is the ninth in a string of similar disappearances. Isaac manages to maintain a normal life, while concealing his troubled past. Carter and Olivia attempt to work through their own demons, unbeknownst to Isaac. The FBI finds their suspect, the Biloxi Butcher, and Ramie is pronounced dead shortly after, even though her body is never recovered. That same year, Isaac meets Julia, who turns out to be the love of his life. He is granted a second chance to mend his family and to rid his hidden temptation for good. Carter has fallen to the same impulse his father has, and Olivia struggles to overcome a destructive pill habit.

Can Isaac and his kids truly move on from the loss of their mother? What else did the FBI find that won’t allow the case to be resolved? Will Isaac’s secret catch up with him, or has he conquered his vice for good? Can the Childs family reconcile with what the FBI uncovers, and how will they handle the shocking discovery?