Meet The Author, Mercedes Siler

There’s nothing like a little romance to get the heart beating. Please welcome, Mercedes Siler:


Thank you for joining me today. Tell us in three words how you would best describe your writing.

Edgy, honest, thoughtfully rebellious.

Your short story, “The Girl in the Front of the Room” is set to release on 9/28/2017. Share a passage that you’d like for us to enjoy.

The guy stands in front of me, watching me as I sign onto the register. “I went to school with you,” he says, cool and sure. “You’re River Stevens.”

“Yeah?” I look him in the eye before scanning his items. Most everyone is nice and forgiving of the girl I was. Some people smirk at me, seeing me as just a slightly overweight grocery store supervisor, a big step down from queen bee. Maybe they expected me to marry well and stay on top. Maybe they love to see me serving them. But in the end, I don’t really care about them anyway. All I care about is paying bills and saving money to buy my own house where I don’t have to worry about my mama filling my little girl’s head with nonsense about what it means to be a girl.

You’ve been presented with the opportunity to be a best-selling author, but can never write again, or write forever, but never have a bestseller. Which scenario sounds more tempting?

Write forever. Otherwise I’d probably go completely bananas.

If you could live on a college campus and never leave, or live in a small town but be able to travel, which one would you choose?

Small town and travel. 

Okay, how about in an amusement park or in an airport?

Amusement park.

And how about Australia or Scotland?

Australia seems amazing. But maybe not in Summer.

Who is your favorite 90’s band (I’m thinking Counting Crows, Blink 182, Hootie & the Blowfish)?

Sublime. With Cake as a very close second.

Are there any good bands out there today that we’ll talk about in 50 years?

I really like Kings of Leon. But I think the bands with the best staying power are the ones with songs you can blast in the car and get everyone to sing along to.

Is there anything you’re currently working on?

I am just publishing the first in a short story serial. And getting my first novel polished to publish at the beginning of the year.

Who is your favorite author and if you could ask him/her one question, what would it be?

It’s super hard to pick a favorite author, because I read for the stories, not the author. But Jane Yolen has never failed me and her books are so diverse that if I had to only read her work I would probably not get bored.


Lightning round:

Ocean or mountains?  Ocean.

Yogurt or ice cream?  Frozen Yogurt, otherwise ice cream.

M&M’s or Skittles?  Skittles. Unless I can choose peanut M&M’s.

Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert? Jimmy Fallon.

Happy or sad ending to a novel? Happily ever afters. Always. That’s why I like romance.

Beer or wine?  Wine if it’s sweet, otherwise beer.

Flying or driving?  Driving.

Hemingway or Twain?  Twain.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take two things with you, as well as two people. What and who are you bringing? 

Can I take two of my kids and bring my husband and the other kid? If not, I would probably bring a tennis ball, a lighter, my sister, and bff.

You’re able to sit down with any leader in world history. Who would you choose, what would you talk about, and would you rather have him/her over to your house or meet at their place of royalty?

Does Mr. Rogers count? I would love to sit and talk with him about little things. And definitely on the Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood set.

You can wish for one thing and one thing only, not world peace and no more wishes. What’s it gonna be?

Money. Lots and lots of money.

Click on the cover below to pick up, 


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