How To Clean Your Washing Machine For $1

With four kids, we do laundry all the time. On top of that, buying and selling clothes means our washing machine goes through a lot. Over time, you’ll notice that the clothes aren’t coming out as clean as you’d like. This is the easiest and most affordable way that we’ve found to clean the washing machine (and it really works).

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1. Get white vinegar.

2. Start and fill the washing machine with hot water, on the biggest load.

3. Add four cups of vinegar to the load.

4. Close the lid and let it run for a couple minutes.

5. Open the lid and let it sit for an hour.

6. During that hour, dip a towel inside and clean the outside of the washing machine with the water/vinegar mixture.

7. After an hour, let the washing machine run its cycle.

We do this approximately every two weeks and it makes a HUGE difference in the clothes coming out cleaner and smelling clean. This is mainly for top loading washers, as the front loaders have their own cleaning cycles, more times than not.

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