Cover Reveal: Crimson Forest by Christine Gabriel

Check out the cover reveal for Christine Gabriel’s debut novel, Crimson Forest. Show some love to Christine and share on your social media pages.

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Angelina Adams begs for normalcy as she has the ability to see and hear things other ‘normal’ people are unable to. The small hunting town of Buffalo, Wisconsin, famous for its eerie crimson moss covered forest, doesn’t help much as it’s rumored to be haunted by a frightening miscreation of mankind – its thirst for blood relentless as it drags terrified humans into the darkness behind it; seeking retribution for the many animals murdered by the hands of the numerous huntsmen that have invaded their habitat.

Legends begin to come to life as Angelina’s father suddenly disappears, and someone or something attempts to abduct her. Barely escaping she knows what she must do – find her father and stop whatever it is that’s behind the numerous disappearances.

Journeying into the ominous forest, she comes across a strange but handsome man by the name of Nikolai. She soon learns she must give this beautiful stranger her trust if she wants to discover the truth behind the age old stories. After many trials and tribulations she ultimately comes to the realization that the normalcy she sought out so desperately is actually for the more typical people who want to live in the comfort of being ordinary for the rest of their lives. It’s within the forest she learns that there is such a place where true love exists, and fairy tales are real – a place where past lives cross and happiness can live forever.

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