Name Your Top Three: Everybody Likes A Good List

I wanted to share my “top 3” of a few different things in life, and would like to hear about yours as well. So, after you take a peek at mine, comment with any additions you’d like to make.


Cheese Pizza

TGIF Wings

Cheese Sticks


Joyce Carol Oates

Sherman Alexie

Mark Twain

lists, writing, reading, top 3, top 5, top 10

Professional Sports Teams

Portland Trailblazers

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Falcons

Places To Go With The Kids




TV Shows That Are Still Making New Shows

The Colbert Report

The Daily Show

The Profit


States To Spend Some Serious Time In




Okay, now it’s your turn…

8 thoughts on “Name Your Top Three: Everybody Likes A Good List

  1. Food:

    Cheese sticks
    Skirt Steak fajitas
    Cheese and pasta of any kind


    Junot Diaz
    Michael Chabon
    Alice Walker

    Professional Sports Teams:

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Atlanta Braves

    TV Shows That Are Still Making Shows:

    The Walking Dead
    Mad Men
    House of Cards


  2. Food:

    Chicken or Steak Fajitas
    Cod with garlic butter
    Outback Steak


    Joseph Finder
    Robert P. Parker
    Harlan Coben

    Professional Sports Teams:

    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Cleveland Browns
    Cleveland Indians

    TV Shows That Are Still Making Shows:

    The Blacklist
    The Following
    Rules of Engagement (recently “deceased” I think)

  3. Oh fun- I love lists! (and they’re a great to avoid doing other “more important” things… πŸ™‚ So…

    Food: Tacos, Cheese Fries, um, is Wine a food?
    Authors: Cormac McCarthy, Michael Ondaatje, Lewis Carroll
    Current TV Shows: Justified (bet you didn’t see that one coming), Sherlock, The Walking Dead

    By the one- love your choice of Sherman Alexie- I’ve taught his work many times and my students always love him!

  4. Food: Popcorn, beer, M&Ms
    Authors: Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Terry Pratchett, Robert Louis Stevenson
    Sports: SF 49ers, SF Giants, Detroit Tigers
    Current TV shows: Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Warehouse 13

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