Not So Happy Endings…

I’m close to finishing my second novel, and have been going back and forth with how to end it. It’s a psychological thriller called, “The Lights Will Never Fade.” What’s it about? I’m glad you asked.

Peyton just graduated high school in Jenks, Oklahoma, only to find that her entire family has been murdered. Left alone and without any family nearby, she moves to New Milford, Connecticut to live with Aunt Charity. The only problem is that damn shadow. It’s been visiting her since, well, that dreadful New Year’s Eve, nine months ago.

Trouble seems to follow Peyton as she adjusts to life in the Northeast. Aunt Charity has a secret of her own, one that won’t go away. The problem for Peyton, and Charity for that matter, is that the shadow gets what it wants. The bodies begin to pile up, and New Year’s Eve has come again, as sinister as ever.

Okay, so now that you’ve got a little background on the novel, what kind of ending do you expect? I’ve got a semi-happy ending in mind, and and not-so-happy ending in the same part of my mind. Most people like happy endings, but I’m not writing for most people. When I write, I write what has to be written. A friend of mine said that happy endings are nice, but they fade off into the sunset. Tragic endings stick with people.

As I finish the book over the next week or so, I’m curious to know what you think when it comes to the ending of a novel or a movie. Do you like them happy or sad? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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13 thoughts on “Not So Happy Endings…

  1. Well, from the book blurb, I’d definitely bet on a tragic ending — and that’s for two reasons. 1) Blurb starts off with the protagonist’s family being murdered. 2) Blurb specifically mentions bodies piling up thanks to a villainous-sounding shadow. I’d actually be shocked if the book DIDN’T have a sad ending! Or maybe something like a bittersweet ending — you know, the protagonist narrowly survives the slaughter, but she’s scarred for life, etc. etc.

    I myself dislike sad endings. I’ve never liked them. I can laugh about all the people who die in Game of Thrones, or mock Hamlet for all the ridiculous choices he made, but in the end, I don’t think I can really love a book unless it has a happy ending. 🙂

  2. I don’t mind either or really i think it depends on the story , genre and writing style of author. I like endings that leave me thinking , not cliffhangers though ! Love it when a book and its characters “haunt” me after I finish it ! ♥

  3. OK, I’m gonna go a little past happy or sad… What I really like, is an ending with a twist, be it a happy or sad one. An ironic zinger is always fun… Just my opinion.

  4. This book sounds like it’ll be awesome. I prefer bittersweet endings. Tragic endings can be great, but they also leave me feeling extremely emotionally hungover, like The Fault in Our Stars did. I still get tears every time I think about that book.

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