Review of The Earth Bleeds Red, by Elgon Williams

I received my first good review this week from a very talented author, Elgon Williams. Williams has written seven books and his new book, “Fried Windows,” will be out in the next few months.

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The Earth Bleeds Red is Jackson Paul Baer’s latest book, the first with Pandamoon Publishing. It’s a solid story I highly recommend. Having waited for a while to read this one, when I received an opportunity to review an advance copy, I jumped at it. It did not disappoint.

The novel is set in the usually rainy and chilly northwest. There are a lot of references to places in that part of the country that should satisfy anyone who lives there or has some knowledge of Oregon and Washington State. It is the story of a great family that must overcome a number of challenges that test the strength of their individual character, as well as their family bonds. Sorry, no spoilers in this review, though. It is a mystery with a lot of suspense and several surprises that you need to experience first hand. I’ll bet you won’t put it down.

It is well paced and told with a good mixture of imagery in description and believable dialogue that seamlessly advance the story. And what a story it is! It could have been pulled from the news and as it is set in present time, let’s hope it is not prophetic. No one should suffer as these characters do. At the beginning we are introduced to a loving family while the story marinates for a bit. We learn to care a lot about these people and they rapidly become our friends. Then, later on, we are pulled into their lives and the conflicts as a good mystery should do.

There are more emotional peaks and dips than a roller coaster, and like being a well-designed amusement park ride, this book reserves the best for the finale. All the elements of a well-crafted novel are brought together and tightly woven into the fabric of the story.

This book is not a commentary on the human condition, but it certainly visits some of the problems in the modern world as the plot develops. Suspense builds around the key event and how it affects many lives, and causes many to draw premature conclusions about others. Reading it is comparable to sharing a real life experience. Afterwards, we are left changed and with a better understanding of what it is to be alive and part of a loving, but also very realistic family.

Elgon Williams

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